A homeowner discovers a 136-year-old message in a bottle beneath her floorboards

During renovations in her Edinburgh home, Eilidh Stimpson received a surprising find from the past. The plumber, Peter Allan, stumbled upon a peculiar message in a whiskey bottle as he cut into the floor. Curiosity piqued, Eilidh eagerly awaited the contents of the mysterious letter.

This thoughtful mother couldn’t contain her excitement as she eagerly waited for her family to return home so they could open the long-awaited time capsule. Despite the anticipation, they encountered a slight obstacle when they realized they had to break the whiskey bottle to access the hidden note. However, the effort was well worth it because the message inside dated back to October 6, 1887. It was truly remarkable to think that the time capsule had been concealed beneath the floorboards for over a century.

According to Metro, a mysterious message was found that read, “James Ritchie and John Grieve laid this floor, but they did not drink the whisky. Whoever finds this bottle may think our dust is blowing along the road.”

Eilidh took to Facebook to share her exciting discovery, referring to it as “a little piece of history.” But there was more to learn about the note found inside the whiskey bottle! With the assistance of a friend, the mother of two uncovered that James Ritchie and John Grieve were actual residents of the area back in the 1880s.

James and John’s mysterious note, hidden inside a whiskey bottle beneath the floor, added an exciting touch of history to Eilidh’s day. It was a fascinating connection to the past.

A homeowner recently made an extraordinary discovery while renovating her house. When she removed the floorboards, she stumbled upon a message in a bottle that had been hidden for 136 years. This remarkable find has left everyone amazed and intrigued.

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