A $1 million winning Maryland lottery ticket that went unclaimed was solved months later

A woman from Worcester County has become one of the state’s latest millionaires. However, she had unknowingly held onto a winning ticket worth seven figures since the drawing on September 27th of last year.

A woman from the Eastern Shore recently revealed that she bought a quick-pick ticket at the Duck In II in Snow Hill, with the hope of winning the massive $835 million Powerball jackpot. However, she completely forgot about it until just recently.

One of the four second-tier prize winners for the September drawing, she had yet to claim her cash until last week. It wasn’t until she stumbled upon the $10 ticket in her wallet that she sent her husband out to scan it and check for any potential winnings.

It wasn’t just a small win; it was a significant victory.

“I was just curious to see if we received anything,” pondered the warehouse worker, as her husband chimed in, “There were countless zeros. I initially thought it was some sort of promotional message.”

Upon scanning it again, the numbers remained unchanged.

He still couldn’t believe that he had a ticket worth a million dollars. So, he decided to show it to a store clerk. The clerk, filled with excitement, confirmed that the Maryland woman had indeed won the money.

Now, she intends to use her unexpected and forgotten windfall to pay off the family’s mortgage, while also making a donation to a local animal rescue.

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