81-year-old man arrested in California for being a ‘serial slingshot shooter’

An 81-year-old man from Southern California was apprehended by the police last week. Authorities labeled him as a “serial slingshot shooter” who had reportedly been tormenting his neighbors for approximately ten years.

According to the Azusa police, they received a call regarding a “quality of life issue” on North Enid Avenue. Upon investigation, they discovered that numerous citizens had been targeted by a serial slingshot shooter over the past decade.

The suspect, Prince King, who is 81 years old according to inmate records, went on a rampage, breaking windows and windshields with his weapon. Police stated that he came dangerously close to hitting innocent people during the incident. No attorney has been listed to provide a comment on his behalf.

On Thursday, the police took action by obtaining a search warrant for the neighborhood where the slingshot attacks were occurring. Their efforts led to the arrest of King, who was found to have ball bearings and a slingshot at his residence.

According to the San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Lt. Jake Bushey of the Azusa police stated that an investigation was launched after the initial slingshot incident, but authorities were unable to identify a suspect until recently. Lt. Bushey mentioned that the exact method of identification is unclear, but detectives discovered that the majority of the ball bearings originated from the backyard of the suspect, King, or a neighboring area.

According to the Tribune, the motive behind the incident has not been identified by the police, other than being described as “just malicious mischief,” as stated by Bushey.

According to the newspaper, Bushey mentioned that the shots were not random. However, he was unsure about the specific reasons behind targeting certain individuals or properties.

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Several individuals who commented on the police department’s Facebook post reported that the windows of their vehicles had been shot, but they were uncertain if King was responsible for the incidents.

King is expected to appear in court next Tuesday for his next hearing.

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