16 people killed in Bangladesh and India due to Cyclone Remal

A cyclone has caused significant devastation in coastal areas of India and southern Bangladesh, resulting in the tragic loss of at least 16 lives.

Strong gales of 110km/h, torrential rain, and tidal surges have battered the region, resulting in widespread flooding in low-lying areas.

Cyclone Remal made landfall on Sunday evening, leading to the evacuation of nearly a million people.

Approximately 8.4 million people, including 3.6 million children, resided in the path of the cyclone, as reported by local authorities.

On Sunday, the storm made its way through the Bangladeshi port of Mongla and the Sagar Islands of West Bengal, India. However, it began to weaken on the following day.

According to AFP news agency, at least 10 individuals lost their lives in the cyclone, as stated by Bangladesh’s minister for disaster, Mohibbur Rahman. Tragically, some individuals perished due to drowning, while others were crushed under the weight of their collapsed homes.

According to Mr. Rahman, the devastating cyclone has affected a staggering 3.75 million individuals. The impact of the cyclone is evident as it destroyed 35,483 homes and caused damage to an additional 115,992 homes.

In India, Sumit Gupta, a senior official in the West Bengal state government, has confirmed that at least six civilians have died, with three of them being electrocuted.

The cyclone unleashed its destructive force, leaving behind a trail of devastation. Thousands of homes were destroyed, trees were uprooted, and power lines were damaged. The relentless winds tore off the roofs of tin and thatched houses, while mud huts were completely flattened.

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Nearly three million people in Bangladesh had their electricity shut off as a precautionary measure ahead of Cyclone Remal, according to ministry officials. In West Bengal, authorities reported that at least 1,200 power poles had been uprooted.

Rahat Raja, a resident of Bangladesh’s coastal district of Satkhira, expressed their current predicament, stating “We have been without electricity since last night, and my mobile battery is on the verge of dying.”

According to a resident from Bagerhat, located in the southern region of the country, the cyclone has led to a scarcity of food.

Mohammed Ali expressed his concern about the current situation, stating that there is a scarcity of vehicles on the road. Additionally, he mentioned that there is also a shortage of food, and all shops have remained closed since yesterday.

Cox’s Bazar in the southeast is one of the areas in the country that has been significantly impacted. The camps in this region, which house nearly a million Rohingya refugees, are particularly vulnerable to landslides and flooding. The temporary shelters in these camps are not sturdy enough to withstand these natural disasters.

The Asia Pacific branch of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) has issued warnings to individuals residing in the camps. Additionally, they have prepared and trained volunteers who are on standby to evacuate those living in “high-risk areas”.

Save the Children has dispatched four emergency response teams to the affected areas in the country. These teams, including a medical team, have been deployed to provide support and aid in the recovery efforts.

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According to the country director of the charity, Shumon Sengupta, the cyclone serves as another reminder of Bangladesh’s vulnerability to extreme weather events.

Bangladesh, a country highly susceptible to the effects of climate change, experiences a wide range of extreme weather events, including heatwaves and floods.

Over the past few days, Cyclone Remal has been making its way across the Bay of Bengal, giving authorities in both countries the opportunity to make necessary preparations for its arrival.

Flights in Kolkata, the capital of India’s West Bengal state, were disrupted on Sunday as more than 50 flights were cancelled. However, operations have now resumed.

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