12-year-old boy found safe after spending the night in an Ohio Target

Authorities have reported that a 12-year-old boy, who was reported missing over the weekend, was found on Monday morning at a Target store in Ohio. It appears that he had spent the night there.

According to Scott Varner, a spokesperson for Franklin County Children Services, the child’s parents notified authorities about his disappearance on Sunday. It is believed that he stayed at that place overnight, as reported by the police to NBC affiliate WCMH of Columbus.

In an email, Varner described the situation as a runaway.

No harm was reported to the boy, according to the station.

According to Jennifer Watson, a police spokesperson, the child’s parents expressed their relief and happiness that their child is safe and will soon be reunited with them.

Target said in a statement that the staff members at the store, located on the east side of Columbus and bordering Reynoldsburg, took immediate action when they found the child. They contacted law enforcement right away and provided care for the child until authorities arrived.

“We prioritize the well-being of our guests,” the statement emphasized.

The store’s call was logged by Columbus police at around 6:15 a.m., according to Watson.

After an unsuccessful search in the area, which is home to several retailers, officers decided to hand the boy over to Franklin County Children Services as they were unable to locate his parents.

Varner said that in the afternoon on Monday, he was able to reunite the child with his parents at a children’s services facility.

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