10-Year-Old Tennessee Boy Swept Into Storm Drain Dies, Leaving Family Heartbroken

A tragic incident occurred on May 8 in Tennessee when a 10-year-old boy, Asher, was swept away in a storm drain. His father, Jimmy Sullivan, shared the heartbreaking news of his son’s passing on Facebook on May 18.

Sullivan explained that Asher suffered an anoxic brain injury (ABI) because his brain did not receive enough oxygen during the accident. The injury led to severe brain damage, which worsened over the following 36 hours. Sullivan, who oversees schools in Rutherford County, announced, “Asher officially passed away this afternoon around 1:20 pm.”

In a detailed account, Sullivan described the last 36 hours of Asher’s life. He mentioned that Asher had retained one brain stem reflex, preventing him from being declared brain dead immediately. However, doctors indicated that while the reflex might persist, no significant improvement was possible, leading to a difficult decision for Sullivan and his wife, Kaycee.

The family requested an additional MRI on May 16, and the results showed further brain damage progression. During their absence, Asher’s vital signs deteriorated, with fluctuating heart rate and blood pressure, loss of body temperature control, and a cessation of eye responses.

“Asher did what he always did: put others before himself,” Sullivan wrote, explaining that Asher’s condition relieved them from making an unbearable decision. The doctors performed two thorough tests, confirming that Asher was no longer with them.

Asher remains on life support at Vanderbilt Medical Center in Nashville, as preparations are made for organ donation. Sullivan expressed that organ donation is a fitting tribute to Asher’s selfless nature. An honor walk will be held at the hospital in the coming days to celebrate Asher as the hero he is.

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Earlier in the month, Sullivan shared that Asher was caught in a storm drain and swept under the neighborhood streets. After being rescued, Asher received CPR and was transported to the hospital in stable but critical condition. A neighbor reported that Asher had tried to retrieve his shoe before falling into the drain.

Throughout Asher’s hospital stay, Sullivan provided daily updates on his son’s condition. The community showed their support by gathering at the RCS District Office on May 16, with teachers and students wearing Asher’s favorite colors, blue and green, in his honor.

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