The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is proud to recognize the outstanding efforts of the 6C14 Safety Education Service (SES) Area, which was awarded a Unit Citation at the recent Public Safety Commission Meeting held last month.

The 6C14 SES Area, led by Staff Lieutenant Jason Reyes, is a dedicated team comprising six members responsible for overseeing Safety Education and Media functions in the expansive Central Texas Region. This region spans across 43 counties, covers nearly 40,000 miles of roadway, and is home to a population exceeding 5 million people.

Members of the SES team work tirelessly, collaborating with both English and Spanish media outlets and acting as liaisons between DPS and various government and law enforcement public information officers. Their essential responsibilities include promoting traffic safety, conducting press conferences, providing press briefings, delivering school safety presentations, disseminating vital news and information through social media channels, and much more.

The unwavering commitment and dedication of the 6C14 SES Area have been instrumental in advancing the goals and objectives of DPS, ultimately benefiting the residents and visitors of the state of Texas. The individuals recognized for their exceptional contributions as part of the Unit Citation include Staff Lieutenant Jason Reyes, Staff Sergeant Kenny Mata, Staff Sergeant Ruben San Miguel, Staff Sergeant Deon Cockrell, Staff Sergeant Bryan Washko, and Staff Sergeant Ryan Howard.