The Midland Police Department is joining the nation in celebrating National Forensic Science Week, and they are diving into the intriguing world of forensics. To kick off this week of celebration, the department is shedding light on the crucial technique of fingerprint comparison.

Fingerprint comparison stands as one of the most well-known forensic methods utilized in criminology and crime scene investigations. Skilled crime scene investigators meticulously compare latent prints discovered at crime scenes with the fingerprints of potential suspects. This comparison involves evaluating various qualities, including the overall shape of the prints, the structure and depth of the ridges, and the length of each ridge.

One of the primary challenges faced in this process is the quality of the fingerprints. If either the latent print or the suspect’s fingerprint is of poor quality, it can lead to errors in the comparison process. The Midland Police Department’s dedicated forensics team devotes hours of effort to refine and perfect fingerprint comparison techniques.

National Forensic Science Week provides an opportunity to appreciate the dedication and expertise of forensic professionals who play a vital role in solving crimes and delivering justice. Throughout the week, the Midland Police Department will continue to explore various aspects of forensic science, bringing a deeper understanding of the critical work they perform to the community.