Why Danyube?

Our educational tools make it easy to create your own courses and host them on the cloud. Please take a few minutes to review the various ways in which Danyube LMS can serve you and decide which model suits your organization based on the merits of each model

1. A learning management system that is customized for your School or institution and works as your own but managed by Danyube.

We'll create a customized LMS with our system as the base. We will provide all necessary technical support. This will be a based on cloud and managed by Danyube. With our comprehensive support, your LMS will be up and running with minimal effort on your part. While our system is designed primarily for educational institutions it can easily be adapted for other enterprises.

2. On-Premise hosted LMS

If you prefer this model, LMS will reside on your servers, and you will have full authority and control over the application. Of course, our team is still available for help, should the need arise.

3. Independent courses creators can host courses directly through our site

When a course has been developed independently and not necessarily affiliated to any organization and you want to offer this to the public, Danyube offers you a convenient way to host the course. Your learners will register, pay for, and take the courses of their liking through our site. The whole world is your market. Contact us today to learn more.

4. Easy creation of courses

Irrespective of choice of the above three options, you have a powerful feature that allows you to create a course easily right in the Danyube application. You have an option of many types of tests that you can use. A preview feature allows you to run the course to make sure that the course is working as intended.
When a course is created outside of a LMS and uploaded to the LMS, the course need to be created in a certain way so that it is delivered successfully. This is ensured by Standards called SCORM and needs additional resources and also add to the time and effort required to create and deliver courses.
By creating a course and hosting a course right in the Danyube system frees the course creator from the burden of creating the courses to be SCORM compliant.

5. Learning Assessments

A course designer can set the criteria for successful completion of each courses. This feature provides the flexibility for different completion requirement for different courses. Your learners can track their progress easily from their own Dashboard. The course instructors can monitor the progress of all the user of their course.

6. Dashboard and Reports

Every user, upon login will see the data relevant to their roles on the landing page. This will help the learners as a reminder as well as a motivator to complete the courses. The Dashboard graphically depicts the progress.
Reporting and analytics is an important feature offered by Danyube. Whether you are a learner or an instructor you can view the report and take action required to achieve your goal.

7. Learning Certifications

Danyube allows you to keep track of the progress of your learners and gives you the option to automatically deliver certificate upon successful completion of the course. You may also choose to send the course completion notification only after you approve of the progress.

8. Notification

Danyube offers an easy-to-use notification service. This can be utilized in a variety of ways: during registration, during the course to inform the learners about the progress and/or upon completion of the courses, and to send certificates.

9. Administrative Features

While learners, instructors, and the courses are at the heart of the Danyube LMS, the administrators are also provided with powerful features that may aid them in their activities. Administrators can be provided with privileges that enable them to create logins, to assign roles and privileges to users, manage accounts and so on. They may also monitor the progress of individuals under all of the courses within the organization. In addition, they can monitor aspects of such progress under all of the courses at a glance such as how many individuals have completed the course and how the students are performing in each course.

10. Account registration

A great feature that administrators have access to is to create users by importing a CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. This feature guides the administrators to enter information pertaining to all of their users in an Excel file (in CSV format) and upload the file to Danyube LMS in a simple and efficient manner. The users of this feature are guided at each step making it very easy to use.

11. Audit Logs

Logging is a powerful feature of Danyube. It enables one to track any changes made, such as new course creation or the features accessed by each user. This will help the administrator to monitor the activities of all the users and detect any security events.