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We are proud to provide comprehensive internet safety education for children and young adults globally. We provide tools to children and teens about the best way to be responsible on the internet, including preventing cyberbullying, general cyber security, and more! From combating phishing attempts to improving password security, our expansive training is designed to help young individuals learn how to navigate the web safely and securely.

In the current global socio-technological milieu, the cyberspace is full of exciting prospects and opportunities for all, but with great innovation comes great risk, especially for children and young adults. Therefore, it is imperative for kids to learn about cyber security pitfalls and ways to avoid danger all from a reliable source in a formal manner, rather than from friends, who may be misinformed, or, even worse, from unknown and unreliable sources. We are proud to present courses such as this one that cater to such vital needs of society.

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